More BlogoBuzz: Deconstructing Sunset Junction

by Michael Imlay on August 25, 2008

in Odds and Ends

Militant Angeleno “sort of” covers this weekend’s Sunset Junction Street Fair, an event your humble blogger also stopped going to about two years ago.

There’s little I can add to the Militant’s post — his observations are dead-on. Sunset Junction used to be a fun event with an edge: An unpretentious celebration in which rag-tag bohemians, resident gang bangers, hardcore leather daddies and other diverse locals all mingled joyously and harmoniously in the dog days of summer. A true neighborhood experience, admission was free and the food, beers and booth trinkets were cheap.

Nowadays, most daddies you spot are the stroller-pushing Silver Lake Dad variety, while the “bohemians” are all hipster wannabes. (Oh for those good ol’ days….)

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